XRAY - Intrusion Detection System  v.

The XRAY-IDS is the first Intrusion Detection System only for the Windows Operating System. The constant raise in security incidents makes it even more neccessary to secure your own Network!

Email Xray  v.2.6.1

Email Xray is an add-on for MS Outlook that provides you with detailed information for each email item. It can display message text, source, as well as SMTP Headers. The product cannot recognize spam or phishing scams by itself,


XRay XML Editor  v.2.1 bulid 10

XRay is a free XML editing enviroment. Now in its second major release, XRay provides support for XML Schema (XSD) and an integrated online XML tutorial system.As you type, parsing errors are listed so you always know if the document is correct.

XRay Video  v.4.2

Experience a whole new XRay.

Xray Vision  v.1.6

Xray Vision provides an easy way to make files invisible on your computer.

Fable  v.2.0.0 Beta 8

A scientific workbench based on Eclipse/RCP and a framework for 3D xray diffraction (3DXRD). Fable is a framework to help you with your experiments, for automating beamline experiments for materials science. This framework will make TotalCryst

DentalEye  v.3.1.1158 beta

DentalEye Pro integrates with intraoral camera, scanners, digital cameras, sensorsystems, image plate systems and Panoramic/Cephalometric devices Integrates with more than 20 digital X-ray sensors, Full Dicom support for Export and Import, all image

LAB MASTER  v.20 7

Lab Master , a unique clinical laboratory software which helps in creating smart reports of pathology , X-ray , Ultrasound &, ECG & Echo. It not only print attractive reports but also keep track of accounts .

DICOM Detective  v.2.0

DICOM Detective is a DICOM protocol analysis and simulation software tool dedicated to PACS maintenance people, DICOM servicemen, programmers, consultants, radiologists and other people working with DICOM networks.

SR Browser  v.1.0

Structure report browser can open a DICOM Structure Report file and display it in a browser window. Because the display is in html format, the display can be customized easily.

HTMLPad 2008  v.9 52

HTMLPad is a HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XHTML editor. It has a clean interface with a complete array of features that allow users to create and edit HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript code in a fast and easy way.

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